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MD / PhD (Doctorate of Philosophy)

  • Eligibility: High School Graduates/College Graduates/MBBS Graduates
  • Pre Medical Program - 1Year for High School Graduates(Caribbean Island)
  • MD Basic Science Program - 2Year (Caribbean Island)
  • USMLE Step 1 Exam
  • MD Clinical Science Program + MBA - 2Year (USA, Canada, UK, other..)
  • USMLE Step 2 Exam

  • The Doctorate of Medicine and of Philosophy (MD–PhD) is a dual doctoral degree for physician–scientists, combining the vocational training of the Doctor of Medicine degree with the research expertise of the Doctor of Philosophy degree; the PhD is the most advanced credential in the United States. The MD is a degree that is granted by medical schools often through the Medical Scientist Training Program and is much more competitive than a PhD program, while being less advanced, counterintuitively.
  • The MD-PhD dual degree training prepares you for a career that is busy, challenging, and rewarding, and offers opportunities to do good for many people by advancing medical science, developing new diagnostics and treatments for diseases, and pushing back the boundaries of the unknown.
  • MD-PhD programs are specifically designed for those who want to become physician-researchers, also known as physician-scientists. Graduates of MD-PhD programs often go on to become faculty members at medical schools, universities, and research institutes such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  • MD-PhD program students are being prepared for careers in which they will spend most of their time doing research in addition to caring for patients. It is critical that applicants have a passion for doing both—most MD-PhD graduates feel strongly that they would not be fulfilled by only pursuing medicine or science.
  • Graduates with an MD–PhD degree are generally qualified for a variety of careers in medicine and medical research. Unlike those who graduate MD only who most often have accrued significant financial debt and are disincentivized to leave the field of medicine to pay off this debt, MD-PhD graduates nearly always graduate debt free. Thus, they may not feel as obligated to remain in clinical medicine, opting instead to find work as a researcher or in academia. Like residency, MD–PhD graduates are often given preference in any research or academia job applications.


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